Save the Poor Foundation (SAPOF) is a local Charitable Malawian Non-Governmental Organization that was founded on 10 March, 2014 by a group of young people whose common interest is to reduce the impact of poverty levels in the targeted communities through education with the hope of breaking the poverty cycle among the poor households.

SAPOF is a registered Organization under the Trustees Incorporation Act and its Registration number TR/INC 6618. It also a member to several Networks for example Malawi Network for Older Persons (MANEPO). SAPOF is also registered member of Organizations that are working in  Blantyre City Council.

Save the Poor Foundation is also registered with the Council of Non-Governmental Organizations in Malawi (CONGOMA), a body that is mandated by Malawi government to coordinate and promote networking of all NGOs in Malawi.  SAPOF is working in the thematic areas of health and education. On the education, the organization support needy children with their education materials like school stationery, school uniforms. The Organization is also supporting older persons to have a good life during their last days of their lives. They are supported with food rations and renovations of their houses.

Girls Sponsorship Program
SAPOF has already established a specific sponsorship program. The idea behind this program is to assist, contact and focus on a small group of vulnerable girls throughout the years. With the wish and idea that these girls will -partly- become change leaders and manifesters in Malawi. The group is now about 35 girls. SAPOF provides basic things like school uniforms and notebooks, without these they cannot attend school. In future we intend to list their photo’s and names here. Also with the idea that each of them can be ‘paired’ with one or more international people, who can act as their ‘international buddy’. A note by Iwanjka: “I experienced that only the feeling that somebody from far away cares for you, and focuses on you, can empower a girl to not to drop out of school and help to keep hope in life”.

Where are funds used for?
All SAPOF members work as volunteer.  In such funds are only used for external expenses, like materials, services provided by others like a builder or architect, travel expenses, et cetera.