SAPOF NGO holds the lead in this project, primary represented by Alice Chiwaya and Richard Muluzi. (More detailed bio’s you’ll find below).

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Facebook group for people contributing financially or with minimal 5 hours per year work (doing a fund raise themselves, write a blog, promote, work at the lands, work with the children, etc.)

Alice (Malawi) has a background in the field of Agriculture Extension Worker. She worked for different organizations, like the CADECOM – Catholic Development Commission (*) for Malawi. And Saint George Orphans Trust. She promotes education to vulnerable children in Malawi. She now acts as Chairperson of SAPOF. Alice is the mother of a son. Contact:
(*) Mission CADECOM: To create awareness and empower disadvantaged men, women and the youth at all levels to undertake development which is integral, gender and environmentally sensitive, sustainable and which promotes justice, human dignity and self-reliance with the active participation of the people themselves so that they take up the responsibility of their own destiny.

Richard (Malawi) has been working as a Gender Activist and Involved in Advocacy work for over 9 years. He has worked in projects involving women, girls and children. Has been working in areas of education, health and youth.  Have worked with Women’s Legal Resources Centre, (a women’s rights organization), River of Life Organization, Community Care Support Trust and Orphans Care- Malawi. Richard is the father of two boys and a girl. Contact: