What makes this project unique? – vision summary
Malawi has more than 1 million orphans. That means that there are often no parents to pay for school fees or for  school supplies. An intention of this project is that the project becomes a fully-fledged ‘mini economic entity’, which also offers ‘new family’ to orphans. And because it is an ‘economic entity’, it can provide for its own maintenance: Withing time new (donor) money does not need to be added every year to support orphans. Upscale ability: And in addition because the school is going to maintain itself, any donor funds released can be used for the following similar projects, or even better: From the location other places can be supported in their formation (reinforcement of Malawian autonomy).

The potential girls to go to secondary school of Chitare at the school lands..

Next phase 
As from January 2019 a new phase starts: Acquiring the resources to build the secondary school. In this phase other organizations will be consulted on ways to create a synergistic relations and partnerships. The school facility shall comprise the following structures; classrooms, teachers office, Library, ICT Room, Hostels for Girls, Hall and Teachers’ Houses. This School project is being guided by the following vision and values; A trusted, safe, inclusive and a welcoming school for the girls of Malawi, provide an opportunity for vulnerable girls access resources, support  and friendship, allow girls to participate in development work, lead the programs as to prepare them to be good leaders. And to encourage girls seek involvement in self-determining their life path and involve the girls in schools’ decision making processes.

Ecological forest camp lands
In addition  just next to the school lands to host a communal living eco-lodge structure and a small camp site can be realized. This intentionally provides for eco-tourism, (international) knowledge exchange with the school / students and a base income for the school to sustain itself in the future.

More future work
As soon as the school buildings are finished we aim that girls who mostly shall be orphaned and vulnerable shall be accommodated at the school once a girls hostel is constructed. The idea is that we need to reduce the distance that these girls are covering to access Secondary School education. Some girls are walking 12km to go to school and 12 km going back home. When the girls are being accommodated at the School, they shall also participate in acquiring  skills at the Vocational Skills Development Centre which also established within the school campus. The Vocational skills Centre shall provide different skills to in and out of school girls. These skills shall be; Tailoring & Designing, Welding and Fabrication, Beauty Therapy and Electrical Installation. The Vocational Skills Development Centre shall also enroll some single mothers (which now sometimes enter prostitution to be able to take for their kids). And some men, as father figures. This shall promote the spirit of being together as a ‘NewFamily’ for the orphans, and live together in a communal fashion. The whole ‘school-production-village’ project is intended to become self sustainable, also financially within 20 years. Being a ‘economic mini entity’ including a school and hopefully basic health care facility. We also strive to become a center of inspiration for reducing human trafficking (sex industry) and prostitution reduction as the area also is a source of young girls and women being trafficked to the cities. And thus help to reduce the spreading of HIV/AIDS. And to deepen conscious on population growth / stability and to broadcast inspiration on this (using (social) media and this website).

More on the project plan to build the school, and activity breakdown you can read in the 2019 workplan (pdf).

We hope you feel inspired to join and support this project, financially, or in whatever form.